Client-specified outcomes and project-specific consulting are at the heart of Moon & Company’s hands-on approach. We help clients navigate the world of fact-based media in all forms and formats, and ensure their work strikes a balance between effective storytelling and persuasive argument. The delivered result: a commercially appealing message that attracts attention, sparks debate and productive discussions, and attains influence.

As consultants, project managers, and editorial partners, Moon and LeBien bring decades of experience and demonstrable success to their collaborative consulting on every aspect of publishing and communications. We count among our clients emerging and established publishers, scholars and writers, agents, universities, foundations, and mission-driven businesses.


ADVICE AND EDITORIAL SUPPORT on query letters, pitches, proposals, manuscripts, and related content, which may include:

STRUCTURAL EDITS to address pacing, flow, length, argument architecture, and other "big picture" issues.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITS to help crystallize an argument, refine authorial voice, and communicate the research or story in a persuasive and compelling manner.

LINE EDITS to address repetition of concept or words, tone, transition problems, vague statements, and generalizations.

CRITIQUES of book proposals, film/tv ideas, book concepts, partial and complete manuscripts, events, podcasts, and short and long format prose.


AUTHOR WEBSITE advice and editorial support.

REFERRALS to freelance copyeditors, designers, and publicists.


LIST MANAGEMENT to identify areas of strength and weakness, risks and opportunities, assessing performance for subject and author balance, rights potential, and missed revenues and profits.

AUTHOR MANAGEMENT to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality, publishing-ready work to client-provided specifications.

COST ASSESSMENT to identify inefficiencies in all stages of work traffic and deliverables, from copyediting and galleys to shipped and warehoused finished books.

MARKETING AND PUBLICITY PLANNING to assess, counsel, and help create tailored plans to ensure the visibility and reach of authors and ideas.

BOOK DOCTORING/SALVAGING to step in and right the listing ship, taking a project headed for cancellation and putting it back on track for publication.


We represent your interests whether to individuals, a team or teams, or media and the public. From taking one or several proposals to finished publisher-ready manuscripts to advising on the positioning of one or several authors, from overseeing stand-alone multitiered projects to becoming active participants in the planning and development of multi-year book-lists and author-lists, we assist throughout the life of a project.

As client needs dictate, Moon & Company can bring together a larger team of freelance specialists, from copyeditors to publicists, to guide any project to a successful launch.


Drawing on over fifty cumulative years of publishing experience, we provide expert advice on the finances and operations of publishing, from production costs and differing publication models to marketing plans and audience outreach. All advice is anchored by cost/benefit analyses focused on delivering client-identified outcomes.

We provide guidance on all aspects of the idea-driven process of publishing and communication tailored to increase the visibility, reach, and influence of the client’s areas of interest. This can include identifying potential authors and IP to developing individual works or collected works, in multiple formats, and aiding in their marketing, publicity, and sales.


Drawing on a rich network of top-tier authors and agents of serious nonfiction, we help identify and cultivate experts who align with the vision of a particular publisher, foundation, mission-driven business, or literary organization interested in funding or publishing/communicating authoritative, influential work and associated ideas. As scouts, we will identify, coach, and advise experts and influencers whose interests align with those of our corporate and institutional clients. As scouts, we also identify and develop content that is ideally suited to print, podcasts, events, broadcast, or the screen, “incubating” ideas and their articulators to best position both within the marketplace.