Every project benefits from Amanda Moon's hands-on approach to navigating the world of fact-based media in all forms, striking a balance between effective storytelling and accurate, precise statements – arriving at a commercially appealing message that will spark healthy debate, enlightening discussions, and positive change. She is known throughout the publishing industry as an expert project manager, guide, editorial partner.

Moon offers a wide range of services for emerging writers or ideas-sharers, established authors, literary and film/tv agents, publishers, directors and producers, foundations, universities, literary organizations, mission-driven businesses, and select non-profits:

  • Project management: representing your interests to a broader team, overseeing major multitiered projects requiring a point-person and leader
  • Coaching you or your client, one on one, through the predictable rough periods in the creative process: writer’s block, overwriting, deadline anxiety, workspace chaos, a cramped schedule, research snags, funding issues, major structural changes required by your publisher, and more
  • Workshopping and organizing throughout the life of a project (with daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins)
  • Collaborating with client on query letters, scripts, pitches, proposals, and grants for creative work
  • Writing partner: collaborating with author—from proposal to full manuscript—establishing a narrative framework and structure and writing in author's voice
  • Book doctoring for a manuscript in need of major revisions to help author or publisher meet delivery deadline
  • Structural edits to address pacing, flow, cuts, expansion, and other "big picture" issues
  • Developmental edits with honest and constructive feedback to help crystallize an argument and communicate the research or story in a clear and straightforward manner
  • Line edits with detailed responses and adjustments to address repetition of concept or words, tone, transition problems, vague statements, and generalizations
  • Advice and insight on all aspects of your work to determine the best publisher, donor, or producer for you
  • Critique of book proposal, film/tv idea, book idea, manuscript, and more
  • "Incubating" for foundations and universities, identifying the stars of your world and coaching, advising, and ultimately positioning them as pioneers ready to speak to multiple audiences
  • Scouting for foundations, mission-driven businesses, and literary organizations interested in funding creative work
  • Identifying books, articles, and speeches that are ideally suited to the performance space, be it on stage, on the screen, or on air