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Amanda Moon has worked in book publishing for two decades. Most recently, she was the Director of the Scientific American imprint at Farrar, Straus and Giroux (SA/FSG), a general interest trade book division that she launched in partnership with Scientific American magazine; a Senior Editor at Farrar, Straus; and manager of the Novel Graphics imprint of graphic books in fiction and non-fiction. She has acquired, edited, and published bestselling and award-winning books covering education, science, parenting, medicine, nature, health, psychology, and more. Books that Moon has acquired, edited, and/or published include The Copernicus Complex, The Global Achievement Gap, Infinitesimal, Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?, Do Fathers Matter?, Frankenstein’s Cat, What a Fish Knows, and Spooky Action at a Distance. She also project-managed, edited, and launched the first book-length app in FSG’s history, the #1 internationally bestselling Journey to the Exoplanets.

Moon has presented at writing conferences, academic conferences, and universities around the world discussing topics such as how to craft a selling proposal, how to find a great agent, what catches an editor’s eye, and how to juggle the financial realities of writing. She has spoken extensively about the business of ebooks, apps, and popular science writing, and how to communicate research in an accessible style.

Prior to Farrar, Straus and Giroux, she worked as an editor at Basic Books, Palgrave Macmillan, and She Writes, where she co-founded and launched tutorials on book proposals and related topics.

Moon has had the pleasure of working with authors who have received prestigious awards and rave reviews for their books. Books on her list have been optioned for film and television, have secured positive coverage and “best of the year” mentions in major media outlets around the world, and have been translated into many languages. For a more comprehensive list of the books Moon has acquired, edited, and/or published, click here.