Collaborating with emerging and established scholars and writers, agents, publishers, universities, foundations, and mission-driven businesses to bring groundbreaking ideas to broad audiences


Amanda Moon has worked in book publishing for two decades. Most recently, she was the Director of the Scientific American imprint at Farrar, Straus and Giroux (SA/FSG), a general interest trade book division that she launched in partnership with Scientific American magazine; a Senior Editor at Farrar, Straus; and manager of the Novel Graphics imprint of graphic books in fiction and non-fiction. She has acquired, edited, and published bestselling and award-winning books covering education, science, parenting, medicine, nature, health, psychology, and more. Books that Moon has acquired, edited, and/or published include The Copernicus Complex, The Global Achievement Gap, Infinitesimal, Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?, Do Fathers Matter?, Frankenstein’s Cat, What a Fish Knows, and Spooky Action at a Distance. She also project-managed, edited, and launched the first book-length app in FSG’s history, the #1 internationally bestselling Journey to the Exoplanets.

Moon has presented at writing conferences, academic conferences, and universities around the world discussing topics such as how to craft a selling proposal, how to find a great agent, what catches an editor’s eye, and how to juggle the financial realities of writing. She has spoken extensively about the business of ebooks, apps, and popular science writing, and how to communicate research in an accessible style.

Prior to Farrar, Straus and Giroux, she worked as an editor at Basic Books, Palgrave Macmillan, and She Writes, where she co-founded and launched tutorials on book proposals and related topics.

Moon has had the pleasure of working with authors who have received prestigious awards and rave reviews for their books. Books on her list have been optioned for film and television, have secured positive coverage and “best of the year” mentions in major media outlets around the world, and have been translated into many languages. For a more comprehensive list of the books Moon has acquired, edited, and/or published, click here.



Rates and timelines tailored to individual projects. As a full-service editorial consulting company, we occasionally collaborate with other writers and editors. We can also bring a full team together to help guide your project forward. We can discuss the ideal plan for you or your client:




Every project benefits from Amanda Moon's hands-on approach to navigating the world of fact-based media in all forms, striking a balance between effective storytelling and accurate, precise statements – arriving at a commercially appealing message that will spark healthy debate, enlightening discussions, and positive change. She is known throughout the publishing industry as an expert project manager, guide, editorial partner.

Moon offers a wide range of services for emerging writers or ideas-sharers, established authors, literary and film/tv agents, publishers, directors and producers, foundations, universities, literary organizations, mission-driven businesses, and select non-profits:

  • Project management: representing your interests to a broader team, overseeing major multitiered projects requiring a point-person and leader
  • Coaching you or your client, one on one, through the predictable rough periods in the creative process: writer’s block, overwriting, deadline anxiety, workspace chaos, a cramped schedule, research snags, funding issues, major structural changes required by your publisher, and more
  • Workshopping and organizing throughout the life of a project (with daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins)
  • Collaborating with client on query letters, scripts, pitches, proposals, and grants for creative work
  • Writing partner: collaborating with author—from proposal to full manuscript—establishing a narrative framework and structure and writing in author's voice
  • Book doctoring for a manuscript in need of major revisions to help author or publisher meet delivery deadline
  • Structural edits to address pacing, flow, cuts, expansion, and other "big picture" issues
  • Developmental edits with honest and constructive feedback to help crystallize an argument and communicate the research or story in a clear and straightforward manner
  • Line edits with detailed responses and adjustments to address repetition of concept or words, tone, transition problems, vague statements, and generalizations
  • Advice and insight on all aspects of your work to determine the best publisher, donor, or producer for you
  • Critique of book proposal, film/tv idea, book idea, manuscript, and more
  • "Incubating" for foundations and universities, identifying the stars of your world and coaching, advising, and ultimately positioning them as pioneers ready to speak to multiple audiences
  • Scouting for foundations, mission-driven businesses, and literary organizations interested in funding creative work
  • Identifying books, articles, and speeches that are ideally suited to the performance space, be it on stage, on the screen, or on air